Champasak Town

Vat Muang Kang

When in Champasak, take some time out to visit one of the town’s older temples, Vat Muang Kang. This huge 19th century temple sits just outside of town with beautiful views across the river.

History-buffs will appreciate the blend of European, Siamese, Burmese and Chinese influences in this temple with its tall white columns and high sloping roofs.

As is typical of many Lao temples, Vat Muang Kang is home to Buddhist monks who live inside the complex in wooden stilt houses.

You will also enjoy its lush, tropical grounds full of frangipani trees and coconut palms. It is a beautiful setting facing the river and lined with rice paddy fields. Banana trees and bamboo grow in abundance nearby.

See & do:

Explore the vat on your own or with a guided tour

Entrance Fee

The entrance is free

How to get there:

Perhaps one of the nicest things about the temple is getting there. Vat Muang Kang is on the Mekong, 2.5km from town. Follow a pleasant, shaded path by the river downstream on foot, or by bicycle or motorbike. Or take a car via an unpaved road through the paddy fields.