Pakse Town

The Dao Heuang Morning Market

In Southern Laos there are a handful of morning markets in the provinces, but in Pakse, there is THE morning market.

Credits to Luke Jackson for the video

You will find everything you ever thought you’d need, as well as many other exotic and not so familiar products. From household goods, plastic ware, shoes, jewellery and clothes; to fresh fruit and vegetables laid out in stalls and on sacks on the ground; dozens of food stalls with smells wafting through the air; and the ubiquitous ‘wet’ market of fish, meat and everything else Lao people like to eat.

Sellers come from around Champasak province including ethnic tribes and Vietnamese from across the border. The market also sells wholesale to retailers, so vendors arrive early to stock up on the bargains for resale in smaller markets, shops and restaurants.

See and do:

  • Wander around and marvel at the biggest market in Southern Laos
  • Have a cup of coffee or a snack with the locals who always have time for a laugh

Food and drink:

You will find a never-ending smorgasbord of Lao specialities and street food on offer. Take lots of small notes and an empty stomach.

How to get there:

You can walk to the market from the town centre; it’s only 2km south or take a Samlor (motorcycle with a side-car). Look out for traffic, noise, and the unloading of mountains of wares.

Organised for you:

Most travel agents include a visit to the market in their itineraries.