The Katou Weavers of Ban Houay Houn

When touring the lush forests of the Bolaven Plateau, take the time to stop in at the ethnic village of Houay Houn. Here, you will find the unique hand woven textiles of the Katou people. The Katou are a small but distinct ethnic group in Southern Laos, renowned for their contrasting red and black textiles and white beading.

Houay Houn village is nestled into a coffee plantation and the villagers tend to the plantation, as well as produce their signature weavings. They also grow and produce their own cotton and use natural dyes made in the village; indigo, rosewood bark, sappan and blood yam to create different colours.

If you are travelling from Pakse towards Salavan, stop in at Houay Houn for a memorable cultural experience with the warm and friendly Katou clan. Then, relax in the serene beauty of the Tad Lo waterfalls with a swim at the rock pools and a meal at one of the many riverside restaurants. Don’t forget to sample a cup of freshly ground Lao coffee.

See and do:

  • Admire the Katou ethnic women hand-weaving their traditional, intricate tapestries and clothes
  • Learn about coffee making and sample many cups of this delicious brew
  • Trek through the forests and visit the nearby Tad Lo falls
  • Stay overnight in the village with a local homestay

Food and drink:

You can buy local food and bottled water in the village. Homestays include a meal

Getting ther:

Houay Houn is 1.5 hours from Pakse on Route 20 towards Tad Pha Suam. It is halfway between Pakse and Salavanh town, and close to Tad Lo.

Organised for you: There are several local travel agents based in Pakse who can organise a trip to this village, as well as a trek and homestay.