Bolaven Plateau

Tad Pha Suam

Tad Pha Suam is a wide 6m high waterfall that stretches around a U shaped cliff. Its name ‘suam’ means ‘room’ in Lao. The falls flow year round from the Houai Champi River as it descends across the Bolaven Plateau from the north in Salavanh province.

Spend a lazy afternoon swimming in the large natural rock pool beneath the falls, or enjoy a picnic or lunch at the nearby Uttayan Bachieng Resort restaurant.

You can also visit the ethnic Lavae model village nearby where you can discover housing styles from different ethnic groups and see handicrafts in the making.

Tad Pha Suam is also the first waterfall in the Bolaven Plateau loop, a 374km round trip that takes four days by motorbike or vehicle. The Pha Suam waterfall and the ethnic Lavae model village are very popular with Thai tour groups.

See and do:

  • Relax in the beautiful, peaceful surrounds of the majestic Tad Pha Suam
  • Swim in the natural rock pool and enjoy a nearby picnic
  • Visit the ethnic Lavae model village and see the villagers making their unique handicrafts
  • Join a trekking tour through the forest and nearby waterfalls

Entrance fee:

Tad Pha Suam has a 10,000 kip entrance fee. (04/2017)

Food and drink:

Enjoy a leisurely drink or lunch in the Uttayan Bachieng Resort restaurant.

How to get there:

Tad Pha Suam is only 33km from Pakse. Turn left on Km38 on the main road from Pakse. It is a further 2km from there.

Organised for you:

If you want to take the hassle out of organising your trip, contact one the local tour operators in the area. You can also ask for a customised tour that incorporates other adventure activities such as trekking, kayaking or cycling.