Bolaven Plateau

Tad Fane

If you are visiting Southern Laos, you will want to put Tad Fane at the top of your waterfall list, together with the Li Phi and Khone Phapeng waterfalls further south on the 4000 islands. Tad Fane, in the Dong Hua Sao National Park on the Bolaven Plateau, is breathtaking feat of nature. One of the most magnificent falls in South East Asia; it combines two rivers to form stunning twin 120m high waterfalls.

Treat yourself to more than the glorious views with a leisurely lunch at the Tad Fane Resort. Immerse yourself in the beautiful scenery with an overnight stay in a bungalow set amongst the towering trees of the forest.

Indulge your adventurous spirit with half and full day treks up to the top of Tad Fane falls and to nearby ethnic villages. Like coffee? You will want to make the time to try the local brew, the best coffee in Laos. Meet the famous ‘Mr Koffie’ and take an intimate and enthusiastic tour on the plantation followed by tastings.

See and do:

  • Marvel at one of the most magnificent waterfalls in South East Asia
  • Enjoy lunch at Tad Fane Resort overlooking the waterfall
  • Embark on trekking tours into the wilderness of Dong Hua Sao National Park
  • Learn and appreciate one of Laos’s biggest exports – coffee – with tastings and a plantation tour

Entrance fee:

10,000 kip, including parking if you bring your own car

Food and drink:

The Tad Fane Resort offers lunch and breathtaking views of the falls. Enjoy some local coffee and tea from nearby plantations.

How to get there: Tad Fane is 38km along the Route E16 to Paksong (straight on at the intersection at kilometre 21 of Route 13E when coming from Pakse).

Organised for you:

Delve into the adventure with a half or full day trek to the top of the spectacular Tad Fane falls.