4000 Islands

Sunset River Trips

When close to the Mekong in Southern Laos, venture out in one of the local fishing boats to witness the firework of colours when sun sets. Yellows, oranges and pinks merge into each other to produce a brilliant sky both mesmerising and seemingly endless.

Take this sunset river cruise from Champasak town or through the 4,000 Islands. Why stop at one? Go out every day on different waterways of your choosing; you won’t regret it.

Marvel at the natural wonders of Si Phan Don aboard a wooden boat drifting down the Mekong River. You will rarely feel more tranquil and at one with nature. Apart from the fishermen pulling in their catch and the smiling locals puttering home in their longboats, it may as well be just you and the river in this charming and remote part of Southern Laos.

Your hotel or guesthouse can help you organise your very own tour with one of the local boatmen. For a more exclusive trip, why not enjoy one of the River Resort’s 2 ½ hour sunset cruises from Champasak town that include visiting a beach for a swim and stopping in at a local village.

See and do:

  • Take a million photos in the amazing light and brilliant skies of the 4,000 Islands
  • Soak up the peace and tranquility of the Mekong River at day’s end
  • See local fishermen fishing in the twilight hours
  • Plan your own route or enjoy a tailored cruise

Food and drink:

Bring your own picnic to have onboard

Organised for you:

Sunset trips are organised by several local accommodation providers as well as local travel agents, just ask your hotel or check with one of the local travel agents on the islands.