Champasak Town

Shadow Puppet Theatre & Cinéma-TukTuk

Shadow Puppetry is an ancient tradition with a long history in Southeast Asia. In Southern Laos, the Champasak Shadow Puppet Theatre has revived this long forgotten cultural tradition and with a group of 14 people including artists, musicians, vocalists, comedians and puppeteers, presents a choice of two intriguing shows.

Shadow Puppetry. The Tale of Phralak-Phralam.

Get ready to depart on an adventure to the very heart of this Indian epic. Adapted from Ramayana with humour and respect for tradition, this show is a gateway to the Shadow Puppet Theatre of Champasak. The puppets are your guides to discover the original music and songs from Southern Laos, played live by the musicians. The Lum Siphandon song with its enchanting melody will literally take you upriver all the way from the Four Thousand Islands to Champasak.

Cinéma-TukTuk. Chang, once upon a time in the jungle.

Cooper and Schoedsack’s movie captures fascinating scenes of everyday life in Northern Laos in the 1920s, when man had to fight to survive in a hostile environment and when nature could be friend or foe. This black and white silent movie is projected on a wide screen and accompanied by sound effects and live music from the musicians of the Shadow Puppets Theatre. This combination of live soundtrack and raw, authentic film material makes it a memorable experience.

How to get there:

Both spectacles take place in the centre of Champasak town.


  • Shadow Puppetry: every Tuesday/Friday 8:30 – 9:45pm
  • Cinéma TukTuk: every Wednesday/Saturday 8:30 – 9:45pm

Information and bookings:

Contact: Yves Bernard
Phone: +856 20 5508 1109

With a lot of love, this old tradition has been brought back to life by a number of motivated people. The aim is to protect this cultural heritage and to foster cultural exchange between Laos and its visitors.