4000 Islands

Sala Done Khone – on Done Khon Island

When exploring the 4,000 Islands, make the time to stop in at Done Khone. Sala Done Khone is one of its oldest existing buildings, once a French colonial dispensary housed in a stone building. Today, it has been extended into a boutique hotel on the river.

The French colonial dispensary was built around 1896 by a state enterprise under the French colonial ministry. Besides the dispensary the enterprise also built a bridge with a narrow-gauge railway, a hospital, a post office, a customs office and administrative offices which you can still visit today.

See and do:

  • Visit the old stone dispensary that is now Sala Done Khone on the river’s edge
  • Stroll or cycle along the main sandy road of Don Khone and look out for the old colonial buildings
  • Watch the sunset from the old railway bridge passing the Mekong and wonder how life would have been on these islands more than a 100 years ago

Food and drink:

You will find numerous Lao restaurants and eateries and Sala Don Khone has a nice restaurant on the river.

How to get there:

You can easily find this hotel in the centre of Done Khone island on the river.