Pakse Town

Phou Salao – Viewpoint – Pakse

If you want to capture the best view in Pakse, this 4km hike up to Vat Phou Salao is a must-do. In the early morning or late afternoon, take a tuk tuk from Pakse out to the hill with the big golden Buddha.

Either stop in the parking area and take the stairs all the way up to Vat Phou Salao or continue to the right on a concrete road. Take care if you are walking as the second half of the stairs are wooden and in bad condition.

Step out onto the viewing platform and catch your breath in the cool evening air. Your reward is a stunning panoramic view from the big golden Buddha watching over Pakse and the Mekong River. You can even see the Bolaven Plateau from here.

Continue on to explore the Vat Phou Salao before returning back down the stairs or walking the 4km road down the mountain. It’s worth asking your tuk tuk to stick around at the top in case you’re not feeling very energetic.

See and do:

  • See the stunning view and sunset over the Mekong and Pakse.
  • Explore the Vat Phou Salao and the magnificent golden Buddha statue.

Entrance fee:

No fee

Food and drink:

You can get food in the parking area at the bottom of the temple or along the road. Bottled water is also available near the viewing platform.

How to get there:

Catch a tuk tuk from Pakse town. Try to visit either just after sunrise or in the late afternoon before sunset for the best views.