Bolaven Plateau

Kayaking Houy Bang Lieng River

Get ready for a water adventure on the small but lively Houy Bang Lieng river. From the plunging 120m heights of the Tad Fane waterfall, this fast-flowing river disappears into the National Protected Area of Dong Hua Sao, and then all the way out to the sedate waters of the Mekong.

Kayaking the Houy Bang Lieng is not for the fainthearted! Get your adrenalin pumping with the twists and turns of its class 2 and 3 rapids. Paddle through jungles of dense forests and unexpected waterfalls, then relax, settle back and enjoy the unfolding scenery of the river.

See and do:

Get your heart racing as you kayak the thrilling Houy Bang Lieng Delve into a jungle of dense forests and hidden waterfalls Relax in calmer waters and watch local fishermen on long wooden boats

Food and drink:

Tours include picnic lunch and bottled water.

Please note:

  • If you want to swim in the river or waterfall, be careful of the current. When kayaking always wear a life jacket because of the river’s strong currents, which you might not see from the surface.
  • Lao people appreciate neat and modestly dressed visitors. Be aware that nude sunbathing or swimming is considered impolite. For women it is recommended to keep a shirt on or to wear a sarong over your swimming suit (check what the locals around you are doing).

How to get there:

Tours depart from and return to Pakse. This trip is only doable from June to December.

Organised for you:

You can book this tour with several local operators in Pakse. Private tours include all kayak equipment and transport.


Houy Bang Lieng is recommended for experienced kayakers, and adults only. The trip is only available during the wet season from June to December. Bring a hat, sunscreen, clothes/footwear to get wet, and a change of clothes. There is also an hour’s trek through the forest to the river.