Pakse Town

Green Discovery

The guides, drivers and most of the villagers benefit from your presence. Green Discovery employs a staff of around 70 committed young Lao men and women and through its operations and a largely participatory approach, the company supports more than 1200 families all over the country through direct and indirect tourism revenue.

Great tours, unique itineraries, excellent service, high quality, and maximal safety are the attributes a traveler expects while embarking on a tour into unknown territories. We at Green Discovery are confident that we can deliver it all, aiming for an all-embracing satisfaction of the client before, during and after the trip.

When travelling with Green Discovey Laos you are sure to enjoy:
•Internationally trained local guides (for climbing, kayaking, cycling, zip-lining)
•Imported top quality equipment (FeelFree, Ocean, Petzl, Trek, Giant)
•Activities close to nature and the local population in an environmentally friendly way

Our Tourism activities in rural and protected areas are designed to avoid or at least minimise negative impacts. They are directed towards the conservation of natural and cultural resources, rural socio-economic development and the visitor's understanding of the places they are visiting. On the ground and facing typical realities in a developing country, this may not be possible in a textbook style all the time.
Although GDL find it sometime difficult in Laos to strictly abide to “eco-tourism” standards and regulations, they certainly undertake everything possible to tend to better tourism practices. This includes:
•resources and waste management,
•close cooperation with most national and international organizations involved in the development of “eco-tourism”,
•partnerships with NGOs and associations devoted to nature protection and poverty alleviation.

Green Discovery maintains its close cooperation with renowned international organisations operating in Laos, namely ElefantAsia, IUCN, WCS to name a few, and is also a strong advocate and active supporter of the Illegal Trade in Wildlife Action Group.