Pakse Town

Chinese Temple

Just south of Vat Phra Bat, you’ll find the small but serene Chinese Temple. The two-storey building houses a rich collection of Chinese Buddhist artefacts, giving you a detailed history of the Chinese influence in Pakse and Southern Laos.

The temple had been built Chinese-styled architecture, is a tranquil place that instills a curiously calming effect. Wander through its interesting rooms then enjoy the art and statues throughout the grounds. From water-spouting dragons to menacing lions and the familiar red and gold lanterns, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported across the border to China without even realising it.

See and do:

  • Explore the influence of Chinese Buddhists in Pakse and Southern Laos
  • Admire the painted art and stone statues of animals and mystical creatures throughout the temple

Entrance fee:

The entrance is free to this temple

Food and drink:

Street food is available outside the temple.

How to get there:

You can get to the Chinese Temple by foot; it’s just south of Vat Pha Bat and otherwise take a Sam-Lor (motorbike with side car). There is another Chinese temple close to Vat Luang.