Pakse Town

Ban Nong Bueng, Wood Carving village

Ban Nong Bueng is a traditional woodcarving village that has managed to pass on ancient woodcarving skills from one generation to the next.

The traditional wood carving techniques used here originate from the Ta Oy ethnic group that used to live in the highlands of Southern Laos.

Their products are all hand made in Nong Bueng Village and sold on the domestic and international market. You are more than welcome to visit the village and meet the artisans while they work. Feel free to look at the wood carvings and don’t forget to buy some souvenirs!

How to get there:

On the way to/from Ban Kiet Ngong Village or the Four Thousand Islands: Visit Ban Nong Bueng wood carving village (43km south of Pakse on Route 13).