Ban Khan Don – A Multi-Ethnic Village

Ban Khan Don is a small village in Sekong, home to several ethnic groups such as the Katou, Alak and Nge. Here you can see the traditional way of life in the community house, which displays some of their culture and artifacts.

Learn about an interesting custom of the Katou people – coffins. Families carve wooden coffins for each family member well before their deaths and keep them under their houses or rice storages.

You will also see members of the Talieng ethnic group here. Weaving textiles by hand on looms is an important part of their traditions, as well as providing a source of income. Observe how the Talieng men traditionally wear a Tha Khatil cloth around their waist. The striped lines, geometric stripes and decorative patterns denote both cultural beliefs and important historic events of the tribes.

Why not combine your visit here with a trip to the ethnic village of Bakchung? See the traditional thatched longhouses in which people have lived for centuries and learn how this community survived the Indochina war.

See and do:

  • Learn about the isolated hill tribes living in this remote part of Southern Laos.
  • See the finely hand-carved coffins designed to send family members into the next world
  • Marvel at the unique and beautiful textile designs of individual tribes

Food and drink:

Bring your own snacks and bottled water.

Organised for you:

There are several local travel agents based in Pakse who can organise a trip to this village, in combination with other villages.