New! Cycling Map with four Southern Laos biking tours

Four outstanding biking tours through Southern-Laos – now on a practical leaflet

Set off on a biking tour through Southern-Laos. A brand new cycling map with biking tours has just been published in November 2016. You’ll find tours for those who want to take it easy as well as demanding ones. All the four tour proposals contain a description including extension options, a tracked path on a map and of course attractive cycling photographs. Find on the map as well practical tips about bike rental possibilities, bike friendly hotels, tour operators and other useful information (phone numbers, tips and a language survival kit) concerning bicycling inn Southern Laos.

The map is available at different places like tourist information center, hotels, travel agencies in Pakse, in Champasak, on the Bolaven and on the 4000 Islands. All the four tours have been uploaded on internet as well. Please find the tours on the webpage in the adventure section under cycling, at the moment there are eleven different cycling tours designed as self- guided tours.

Choose one of them (…fitting your level and time budget of course!), then organize a bicycle and start discovering Southern-Laos in an active and sustainable way!