Souphanouvong Bridge

A broken bridge about 25 km north of the town’s center via Route 23. Designed by Prince Souphanouvong, aka “the Red Prince” and Lao PDR’s first president, the Khoua Ban Darn bridge was built in 1942, spanning the Xe Don river until 1968 when it was destroyed by American bombers attempting to cut off supply lines to the Ho Chi Minh Trail.


Tad Tevada 

A waterfall that is located in Hangpunoy village near Tad Lo in Salavan district. The distance from town is 30km in total (14km paved road and the rest dirt road), turn left at Soung village and continue further. Tad Tevada is a beautiful place to relax and have a picnic.

HD Photograph – Swisscontact – Tad Lo waterfall at sunset in Salavanh

Nongbua Lake 

Also known as “the crocodile pond” is located in Nongbua village Salavan district. The villagers are superstitious and especially fond of a particular crocodile’s ghost that they believed once lived in the Sedone river. It is not clear if there are still crocodiles living in the area.


Trekking at Xe Xap or Phou Xieng Thong NPA

Maybe not an activity for short term travelers since you need a week’s notice to organized logistics and can only be done during dry season with your own camping equipment. If possible, this trek is nice to do because the province is home to several unique ethnic groups with dwindling numbers, especially those along the border with Vietnam.


Tad Hang

Elephants bathing in Tad Hang waterfall in Salavanh

Tad Hang Waterfall

Ban Houay Houn

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