Bolaven Plateau

The Bolaven Loop

It’s popular to rent a motorbike and embark on either a short or long loop through the plateau. Most of the road is newly paved, so it’s easy to navigate. The vast majority do the loop clockwise, the short loop can be a minimum of two days. First stop is usually Tad Lo village.


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Tad Fane Waterfalls

The picturesque double falls. Although there is a view point where you can bask in the sight, you can go further down towards the base. Bear in mind that its forbidden to go down on your own, you need to book a local tour guide to go with you; otherwise, you might get a surprise from a King Cobra and other venomous snakes abundant in the area.

Know more about Tad Fane here.


Tad E-tu

Another amazing waterfall with a resort and a viewing deck.


Tad Champee

A waterfall you can swim in. It’s not as developed as Tad Fane or Tad E-tu, but it’s a nice location to have a picnic. The current can get quite strong, so for confident swimmers only. There is also an option to take a wooden raft to take you beneath the falls.

Tad Lo

The Tad Lo waterfall is a welcome sight after the first 85km stretch of the loop. Trek to the local ethnic villages and see the elephants when you’re there. Tad Lo is part of Salavan province. More about the province here.


Tad Tayicseua

A waterfall haven. Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and comfortable shoes for trekking.