There is a Tourism Information Center and when the initial shock of a tourist walking in wore off, we proceeded to go through every attraction advertised on posters. Every query was met with “Oh no. Too far. Road too difficult,” until we finally exclaimed, “So what can we see in Attapeu?!”


Its true that Attapue don’t get a lot of falang tourists and your Paasa Lao skills might not come in handy here since half the population is Vietnamese; however, don’t let these challenges get the better of you.

Located in the Tourist Information Center are posters of the various attractions Attapeu has to offer. Be aware though, that Attapue is a destination that takes time to discover. You won’t see anything if you only planned to be here for a day.

There are motorbike and bicycle rental places scattered around the town, but if you really want to see what Attapue has to offer, better rent a 4WD or book tours from two agencies in Attapue: Dokchampakham and VD Travel.