Southern Laos, Charming by Nature!

Breathtaking landscapes, ancient temples, relaxing islands, and coffee plantations, there is something for every traveler in Southern Laos. This region is full of beauty and natural wonders, undisturbed by the crowd.

Experience the river life at Si Phan Don or 4,000 Islands. Fill your days with tranquil serenity and your nights with music at Don Det. See the endangered Irrawaddy Dolphins and Khone Waterfalls; a beautiful paradise to relax in a hammock with a cold drink in your hand.

Ride your motorbike through lush forests, towering waterfalls, and numerous coffee plantations at the Bolaven Plateau. Elevated at an estimate of 1,200 meters above sea level, the area is perfect for growing the best Robusta beans. This is a must see for the coffee enthusiast.

Discover the laidback vibe of Champasak and see Wat Phou, a UNESCO World Heritage site even older than Angkor Wat. It is worth the effort to explore all the temples and climb to viewpoints where you can marvel peacefully at the ancient architecture.

Start or end your Southern Laos tour in Pakse; the city where Sedone river merges with the mighty Mekong.  Walk by the rivers and view the city from the vantage point of Wat Phou Salao; or simply indulge in the city’s amenities – great for those travelers missing the comforts of home.

Uncover the diversity of what Southern Laos can offer.  Time to explore!