Xe-Pian National Protected Area

Rare wildlife species can be found in unique habitats, including wetlands with large water birds and areas of lowland forests hosting large mammals.

The Xe Pian National Protected Area (NPA) was established in 1993 and covering an area of 2,400 square kilometers. This NPA is considered to be one of the top three most biologically important nature reserves in Laos.

It is home to abundant and rare wildlife such as elephant, gaur, Asiatic black bear, the yellow-cheeked gibbon, among others.

The park’s main forest type is mixed evergreen covering about 80% of its area. Deciduous forest constitutes the further 17% of the park. It is also famous for its extensive wetlands (a RAMSAR convention site).

Venture into the area to enjoy ecotourism activities while knowing that your support helps to provide opportunities for local villagers. You can ride on the back of an elephant, opt for some trekking in the forest, canoe with a local guide through the wetlands in the rainy season, or simply relax and observe life in the wetlands.

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