Rugged and untouched, Salavan province is an explorer’s paradise. Breathe in the fresh air of the evergreen woodlands and rolling hills. Explore the spectacular waterfalls, such as Tad Lo, that cascade through the forests during the wet season.

Uncover the timeless customs and traditions of 14 different ethnic minority communities, including the Ngae, Katou, Pako and Katang peoples, who had lived here for 1,000 years. Immerse yourself in traditional life through village visits and see how these subsistence communities have existed on the land for generations.

Laos is known for its detailed and diverse weaving culture. Marvel at techniques that you will only see practised in Salavan, timeless, just as they have been for generations. Experience this for yourself on the Toumlan weaving trail, which takes you through several ethnic weaving villages. You can see the Katang villages that use hand-hewn looms in different sizes to weave cotton and silk. Toumlan weavers also breed their own silk worms, which you may also get to see if you are lucky!



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