Xe Pian Protected Area - Trekking & Elephant Riding

Embrace your adventurous spirit in Xe Pian National Protected Area. This rich and sensitive ecosystem covers 2,400km2 and is one of Laos’s most important biological areas, home to rare wildlife, large water birds, wetlands and lowland forests.

Trekking here means you also support ecotourism and sustainable development for the local people. Ride on the back of an elephant, hike through the forest, or simply relax, kick back and relish the serenity.

At Ban Kiet Nong village at the edge of the wetlands, you will find a window to authentic Lao rural life. Only 1,000 people live here in traditional houses and work on subsistence farming and fishing. The village here has always had a relationship with working elephants; nowadays only seven elephants are left.

Ride one of these majestic beasts through the forest from Ban Kiet Ngong to the rocky summit of Phou Asa. Visit the mysterious ruins of a temple and enjoy the stunning view over the wetlands and forests of the Xe Pian.

See and do:

  • Trek through the forest with a local guide and spot birds and wildlife
  • Ride elephants through the wetlands of Xe Pian national protected area
  • Visit the village of Ban Kiet Ngong and meet the local elephant trainers

Entrance fee:
Kingfisher Ecolodge Elephant Safaris start from 580,000 kip per person. The local villagers of Ban Kiet Nong offer Elephant Safaris as well.

Food and drink:
Tours provide food and bottled water. It is advised to bring your own snacks. There are a few local restaurants in Ban Kiet Nong.

How to get there:
Ban Kiet Nong is 57km South of Pakse. You can travel by a songthaew (local bus) that leaves Pakse from the Southern Bus Station at km8 daily and heads to the 4000 islands on Rt 13, get off at Km 48 at Ban That Beng village. From there travel east along the dirt road, Route 18 for 7km and then turn right at the signpost for Kiet Ngong, which is a further 1.5km down the road. You can also arrange private transport with travel agents in Pakse.

Organised for you:
There are 1-4 day treks available in Xe Pian. They should all be undertaken with a local guide. To book, visit the Tourist Information Office in Pakse or directly book with Kiet Nong and Pha Pho villagers, Kingfisher Ecolodge, Green Discovery or other local tour companies.

Accommodation available in the area:

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