Xe-Pian Protected Area

The Xe Pian National Protected Area (NPA), established in 1993 and covering an area of 2,400 square kilometres, is considered to be one of the top three most biologically important protected areas in Laos. Rare wildlife species can be found in unique habitats, including wetlands with large water birds and areas of lowland forests hosting large mammals.

Venture into the area to enjoy ecotourism activities while knowing that your support helps to provide opportunities for local villagers. You can ride on the back of an elephant, opt for some trekking in the forest, canoe with a local guide through the wetlands in the rainy season, or simply relax and observe life in the wetlands.

How to get there:
Ban Kiet Nong is 57km South of Pakse. You can travel by a songthaew (local bus) that leaves Pakse from the Southern Bus Station at km8 daily. You can also arrange private transport with travel agents in Pakse. The access road is still unpaved and it can therefore be challenging to get to in the rainy season.Travel agents can organise transport or a private tour as well.

Where to stay:
You can stay in a comfortable bungalow or an eco-room at the up-market Kingfisher Eco-lodge, in a village homestay, or in a simple community guesthouse.
Information and bookings: All treks in Xe Pian NPA should be undertaken with a local guide. To book a locally guided tour, visit the Tourist Information Office in Pakse or book directly with Kiet Ngong and Pha Pho villagers (+856 30 5346547 Lao speakers only). Alternatively contact Kingfisher Eco-lodge, Green Discovery or other local tour companies.

Pathoumphone Wetlands - Beung Kiat Ngong RAMSAR site - Some Facts:
These large non-flowing wetlands are among the most threatened habitats in Laos. Beung Kiat Ngong and the surrounding wetlands cover an area of about 24 square kilometres under the current Ramsar boundaries. It is only a small part of a larger complex wetland system that even extends over the border to Cambodia.

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