In Sekong province, you will find a truly authentic Southern Laos experience. Climb aboard a longboat to see the incredible natural beauty of the Sekong River winding through lush, green forests. Trek into the rugged mountainous terrain to discover isolated ethnic communities living deep within. Venture into the cool highlands of the Bolaven Plateau, reaching 1400m, to sample freshly ground and brewed tea and coffee right on plantations, and its famous honey.

Discover the region’s ethnic diversity with its many distinct groups from the Mon-Khmer linguistic family. Engage with the laidback and hospitable communities through a village visit. Visit the huge, thatched longhouses that can house up to 45 people. Marvel at the intricate, hand-woven textiles of the Nge ethnic group, and buy a unique Alak ethnic sin (Lao traditional skirt). You can also visit the handicraft shops in Sekong Town (also known as Muang Lamam).

If you are in Sekong during January-February, inquire about the fascinating annual festivals held in Katu, Nge and Tariang villages. You will also love seeing Boun Suang Heua (traditional boat racing) in Sekong on 2 December every year to coincide with Lao National Day.

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