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Map of Southern Laos & Archaeological & Cultural Thematic Trail Maps of Champasak

Talk a walk through history. Stand in the presence Angkorian and Pre-Angkorian temples. Read ancient Khmer inscriptions that were preserved in a cave.
Or take it easy and visit the laid back island of Don Daeng. Depending on how active you feel, this trail can be taken by walking, bicycling, or motorbike.

You can select from four trails to explore archaeological and nature themes.
And if local life and culture is your interest, there are four trails for these themes.

Archaeological & Cultural Trails

1. Hong Nang Sida + Thao Tao + Extension
From 1 to 4 hours - Medium trail - Guide required

2. Oub Moung + Tam Lek + Phou Phae
From 3 to 4 hours - Medium trail - Guide required

3. Ancient City - Vat Louang Kao
From 1 to 2 hours - Easy trail

4. Vat Tomo – Mekong
From 3 to 4 hours - Easy trail - Guide required

Local Life & Cultural Trails

1. Mekong Bank + Vat Meuang Kang
From 1 to 2 hours - Easy trail

2. Dong Daeng Island
From 3 to 5 hours - Easy trail

3. Champasak Town
From 1 to 4 hours - Easy trail

4. Rice fields - Vat Pa Phonsamek
From 2 to 3 hours - Easy Trail

The maps have been produced in a collaboration between the AFD and FSP.

Documents to download

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Champasak Historical and Cultural Trail (...)

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