Buddha Stone Carvers

Visit the local artisans of the village of Don Khor, located at the entrance to Vat Chompet, with its impressive 30-metre high Buddha, here you can observe stone carvers making traditional Buddha images.

Take some time to appreciate the beautiful carvings they are making. Then you might want to get a closer look at the big golden Buddha of Wat Chompet. You can even go inside, but please make sure to respect the local culture and dress modestly, covering your shoulders and knees.

How to get there:
Don Khor and Vat Chomphet are about 13km and Ban Saphai is about 18km North of Pakse on route 13. From Pakse you can rent a car, a van, or a motorbike. You can also book an excursion with one of the travel agents in Pakse. If you prefer to be more active, you can hire a bicycle or book a tour and make it a one-day trip and combine it with a visit to the weaving village of Ban Saphai or Don Kho Island.

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