A three-hour tour with Jhai Coffee House

The Jhai Coffee House is a philanthropic coffee roaster and café located in Paksong, on the Bolaven Plateau, right at the source of coffee production. Jhai educates farmers on specialty coffee practices, purchases coffee directly from farmers and invests 100 % of profits into clean water and hygiene solutions at schools within the community.

Learn what it takes to get a cup of coffee. During a three-hour tour you will:

  • Pick coffee cherries
  • Meet the farmers
  • Process coffee
  • Visit the warehouse
  • Learn to roast
  • Enjoy a free cup of coffee

The Jhai Coffee House runs tours every day when staff is available. Tours require a minimum of two people, as otherwise there is no benefit for the farmers and community.

The best time to visit is during coffee harvesting season from November to February, with tours usually running from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. (other schedules only upon appointment). There are shorter tours of 45 minutes during the rest of the year that will not include visits to the warehouse or the farm.

Tours are by appointment only, so please book in advance by contacting Jackie Thao (Lao and English) and Tyson Adams (English):
Phone/Whatsapp: +856 20 9767 2424 (Jackie Thao)
Whatsapp: +12064916784 (Tyson Adams)
Email: jackiethao and tyson

Jhai invests 100% of its profits into water and hygiene solutions at schools within the community.

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