A 3 days journey on the mighty Mekong River aboard the “Vat Phou”, a Mekong Cruise craft

The article by J. Wood at eTN: “A 3D2N journey on the mighty Mekong River aboard the “Vat Phou,” a Mekong Cruise craft” describes the itineraries for 3 days along the Mekong river by a luxury cruise craft.

Traveling from Ubon Rachathani (Thailand), the closest boarder to Pakse, Champasak province, Laos. Two hours to the Thai-Laos border at Chong Mek near Pakse, where we were to join our boat for the first time. Enjoy a luxury floating hotel, cruising on the Mekong River.

The Vat Phou is 34 meters long, and powered by diesel engine, with 12 cabins (each with air conditioning and private bathrooms) and 15 staff aboard. Oriental in style, I particularly enjoyed relaxing on a comfy chair on one of the two open decks — one forward and one astern. The forward upper deck with rattan armchairs, sofas and lounges, was perfect for me — lying back to read a book or check my emails (Wi-Fi onboard), taking photographs of life along the river or just having 40 winks.

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Accommodation available in the area: