Deep down in the South of Laos the Mekong drops dramatically over a set of cascades, it is here where the spectacular Tad Khone Phapeng and Tad Somphamit or Lii Phii waterfalls are situated. As these waterfalls play such an important role in the lives of the local people many legends go with it.

Several kilometres up North in the highlands of Southern Laos you can find another set of stunning waterfalls in a completely different setting on the Bolaven Plateau. Thanks to the unique geology and climate of the Bolaven Plateau, a large number of rivers cross the highlands, regularly turning into scenic waterfalls on their way. Many of these waterfalls are now accessible by gravel or paved roads and offer basic to resort-style facilities. The waterfalls are a great reason to explore the area but you can easily combine a visit to some falls with a trekking adventure, including stopping at ethnic minority villages, or simply enjoy the tranquillity of the lush vegetation.

Though beautiful year-round, the waterfalls are especially impressive in and after the green season when the rains turn them into thundering cascades, this is from June till December.

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