Check out the article of Southern Laos by New York Times

Along the Mekong River, a Timeless place where time marches on. By Edward Wong.

New Service Unit of Western Union in Pakse

Update the New Service Unit of Western Union at LAOVIET BANK KM7 BANKING UNIT, Chatsan Village, Pakse District, Pakse Champasak, Champasak Contact info: (...)

Mon Ta Champa Lao Gardens Opens at Bolaven Plateau

The Mon Ta Champa Lao Gardens is a new tourism site that has opened in Paksong, on the Bolaven Plateau in Champasack Province. The Mon Ta Champa Lao Gardens (literally the (...)

New! Cycling Map with four Southern Laos biking tours

Set off on a biking tour through Southern-Laos. A brand new cycling map with biking tours has just been published in November 2016. You’ll find tours for those who want to take (...)

A 3 days Road trip around Bolaven Plateau

The article by Julian Schonfelder at Ecophiles: The Bolaven Plateau is an elevated region in the eastern Champasak province famous for its great scenery, amazing waterfalls (...)

A 3 days journey on the mighty Mekong River aboard the “Vat Phou”, a Mekong Cruise craft

The article by J. Wood at eTN: “A 3D2N journey on the mighty Mekong River aboard the “Vat Phou,” a Mekong Cruise craft” describes the itineraries for 3 days along the Mekong (...)

Lao Airlines updates flight schedule for Southern Laos routes

Lao airlines has noticed their new flight schedule for 2017. For more information please visit
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Southern Laos awarded Top Destination 2016 by PATA

20th October 2016 Southern Laos Wins PATA CEO Challenge Top Destination 2016 Award Award win recognises Southern Laos as an emerging travel destination Southern Laos has (...)
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Long Holiday for Lao New Years 2016

When planning your travels during Lao New Years (Pii Mai) this year, keep in mind the long holiday week. This year, Pi Mai Lao runs from April 13-16 bringing the total break (...)

Cycling Adventure on the Bolaven Plateau Loop

A group of cycling enthusiasts from Vientiane, Bangkok and Chiang Mai gathered in Pakse in December 2015. They set off on a 3-day bike ride on The Bolaven Plateau Loop. Maybe (...)

Slow Down in Salavan

Get away from the overcrowded touristy areas. Visit Salavan for a slower paced relaxing holiday. Even in the rainy season, there are many treats for the senses. The smell (...)

Preparations Underway for Vat Phou Festival 2016

Authorities in Champassak province are preparing to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Vat Phou and its associated ancient settlements within the Champassak cultural landscape (...)

A Special Celebration of the Vat Phou Festival

This year also celebrates the 15th anniversary since Vat Phou was assigned the status of UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Vat Phou Festival takes place every year on the 15th (...)

Cycle Enthusiasts discover Southern Laos

On the 5th of December 2015, one day after the official launch of the ‘Southern Laos - charming by nature’ tourism brand, Team Dai, the recreational cycling team in Laos (...)
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Southern Laos launches Tourism Brand

On the 4th of December 2015, the new tourism brand "Southern Laos, charming by nature" has been officially launched to promote the four southern provinces of Saravan, Xekong, (...)
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Southern Laos’s brand new Travel Guide

Embark on a journey through the South of Laos and let this booklet be your guide to a fantastic travel experience beyond the ordinary. Your participation in any of the (...)
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Southern Laos: time out in the 4,000 Islands

Southern Laos is so serene, Sasha Bates of The Telegraph UK, wonders why bother with the rest of Asia. "Here, in a relatively small area of southern Laos I feel I’ve found a (...)

Ziplines in the jungle: a high-wire act in Laos

A new ecolodge in southern Laos uses zipwires to help tourists get in, out and around Dong Hung Sao national park Article by The Guardian If the gibbons are watching, they (...)