Culture in and around Pakse Town

Welcome to Pakse, the “Gateway to Southern Laos”, and the capital of Champasak province. Perched between the Mekong and Sedone Rivers, it’s the perfect place to explore Champasak and venture into the untamed wilds beyond. From Pakse, you can discover the Pak Song waterfalls, Bolaven Plateau’s coffee fields, Xe Pian National Protected Area, the UNESCO heritage-listed Vat Phou complex, the 4,000 Islands, and the Tad Lo indigenous villages and waterfalls in neighbouring Salavan province, amongst numerous other sights and adventures.

In Pakse itself you can see the merge of multiple colonial powers and centuries-old history. Stroll through the town and visit the grand Champasak Palace Hotel, once built for a prince; the ornate and serene Buddhist temples; and the smaller yet elaborate Chinese temples. Admire the surviving 100-year old French architecture in the old colonial villas and shophouses. Go older still with a visit to the Champasak Museum to learn about the surrounding vats and ancient artifacts unearthed in Southern Laos.

See and do:

  • See Vat Phabad, the oldest Buddhist temple in Pakse next to Champasak Palace
  • Visit Vat Luang, Pakse’s biggest and most significant temple, and home of the Buddhist Monk School
  • Explore the surviving French architecture in today’s villas and shopfronts
  • Learn about Southern Laos’ archaeological artifacts at Champasak Museum
  • Enjoy Lao noodle soup with the locals at numerous eateries in town
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