Breathtaking landscapes, ancient temples, relaxing islands, and coffee plantations, there is something for every traveler in Southern Laos.

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Tat Houa Khon, Xekong Province, Lao PDR
Fishing is a way of life for many people in Laos. And nowhere more so than around 4,000 Islands in the south of the country. The traps around the Li Phi waterfall show the ingenuity passed through the generations to catch some of the delicious fish from the Mekong. Made from bamboo, the fishermen walk around them like tightrope walkers, gathering their riches. The islands are host to a range of amazing waterfalls which are spectacular to visit but made the river virtually impossible to navigate. Many tried but the rapids proved too treacherous. It is said that their ghosts haunt the area and it is this that gives Li Phi its name – Li meaning a fish-trap, and Phi meaning a ghost. In legend the area around Don Khon became known as a ghostly fish-trap, but the days of the intrepid explorer trying to take a boat through these falls are long gone. The fish-traps remain though, providing delicious food after a day of exploring. A great stop on the large circuit of the Bolaven Loop, Tat Houa Khon is where the Xe Namnoy river flows over a wide expanse of rock. The name means "Human Head Falls" which derives from an apocryphal story about Japanese soldiers during World War II decapitating Lao soldiers and tossing their heads over the waterfall.
Despite its gory history, it is a pleasant spot to visit. There are restaurant and camping facilities available, as well.
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